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The address for the IBL IRC server is:

You can use this web browser client in a pinch.


The IRC server is password protected. If you don't know the password ask somebody or get in touch with Sean.

Channel Logging

If you invite oper to your channel it will get logged on the server:

/invite oper #channel

Using the rollbot

In order to get the rollbot to work you need to send it a message formatted like this:

/msg rollbot roll #{channel name} {number of dice}

Alternatively, you can write these commands to the channel (first character must be "."):

to roll 3
.roll 3
.r 3
to roll 2
.roll 2
.r 2

to roll 1
.roll 1
.r 1

Other Helpful Aliases

Here are some aliases that other people have found useful:
Greg Abcarian's mIrc aliases
Rick Wong's Snak aliases